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Meet Du Zen!

Thoughtfully crafted, Australian-made leather bags and accessories borne out of a passion for intelligent and playful design.

Samantha Rogers (nee Duzenman) developed Du Zen! with a mind to creating truly distinctive, multi-functional leather goods. You’ll find earthy tones, vibrant metallics, and accents of bold colour. Adjustable belts, detachable hand straps, and heavy brass details.

Rogers is an industrial designer by trade and her dedication to craftsmanship is reflected in every Du Zen! detail. Compartments, zips, and pockets to meet the demands of everyday life. And high quality, hand-crafted leather because life is better in style.

The Du Zen! collection features wallets, pouches, clutches, backpacks, satchels, and totes: all exclusively hand made in Melbourne by a team of leather-loving perfectionists.


Behind the name…

A nod to Rogers’ maiden name and a call to creative action. Du Zen! is more than a collection. It’s a designer’s dedication to quality, an ode to the truly handmade, and a promise to meet function with play. Each Du Zen! bag is a punctuated moment in a moving world. A pause for exclamation. A reminder of life’s urgency. Wherever you are, however you live, your life deserves a little of the Du Zen! way.